Japanese Pilot dies while boarding a ship

Herman Broers

On may 5th, at 0530 in the morning, a 69 year old Japanese pilot fell in the water while boarding the passenger vessel DIAMOND PRINCESS. A message was received by the Nagasaki coastguard station from the pilot boat stating that a pilot had fallen into the water while boarding the ship. The cruise vessel reportedly launched a boat which took the pilot from the water. He was pronounced dead two hours after the accident. The cause of the accident is not known.

In the below footage, the launch of a rescue boat from the cruise ship can be seen. The rescueboat then speeds to the pilot boat, where a man can be seen standing on the aft deck.

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20 Years of accidentology

The French Maritime Pilots Association today launched a very impressive and usefull instruction video on the safe and correct use of pilot ladder arrangements. Many thanks to the French pilots for this contribution to pilot ladder safety!