Danpilot reports Pilotladder Condition Survey

Herman Broers

Danish state pilot organisation Danpilots have issued a report on the condition of pilotladders. This survey was carried out by Capt. Jakob Trolle in 2020. During the survey, a total of 100 pilot ladders were examined reading their age and condition of the ropes and steps. Also the certificates of […]

The trapdoor arrangement revisited

Herman Broers

Capt. Troy Evans of New Zealand pointed out some issues regarding the text on the website about the Trapdoor Arrangement. The following article contains the amended text of the website, including a very clear picture of how a compliant trapdoor arrangement should look like.

Instructional Video – Brasil Pilots

The Brasil Pilots have launched an excellent video in 2018 on the safe use of pilot ladders. This Youtube film is 24 minutes long with English subtitles. This contribution was made by Capt. Porthos Lima, Maritime pilot at Rio de Janeiro pilots. Editor’s note: Some footage may contain pilot ladders […]

New Hardcopy in PDF is now available

Herman Broers

Since the website went live on July 1st 2020, a few updates have been added, mainly as a result of feedback from readers and new photo’s. Today a new version of Pilotladdersafety.com in PDF format is available on the Downloads page. All changes have been clearly marked. If you have […]

Survey on Pilotladder Legislation

Herman Broers

Capt. Ewan Rattray suffered a serious injury while boarding a vessel as a Pilot in 2018. He is still working in the ports industry and has decided use his professional knowledge and academic skillset to conduct much needed research into the boarding and landing of pilots. The purpose of this […]

Pilot Transfer Arrangements and new Regulations

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by Captain Jesus Señeriz Lopez  As we all know there is a new regulation established since July 2012, this new regulation refers to pilot transfer arrangements. There are other yearly safety campaigns such as IMPA that include SOLAS V.23 and IMO Resolution A 1045 and Resolution A.1108(29). Unfortunately, in this annual […]