PTA Quiz

Test your knowledge about the safe use of pilot ladder arrangements!

Here you will find ten quizzes corresponding with the first ten sections of this website. Each quiz can also be found on the bottom of each website page corresponding with the subject at hand. These are anonymous tests. You can try them as many times as you like. The correct answer to each question is given after the answers are submitted.


  1. Regulatory Framework
  2. Securing the Pilot Ladder
  3. The Steps
  4. The Ropes
  5. Combination Ladders
  6. Safe Approach
  7. Access to Deck
  8. Handholds and Stanchions
  9. Pilot Ladder Reels
  10. Inspection and Maintenance

This website can be used as an online training tool to improve your knowledge about the safe us of pilot transfer arrangements. All answers to the above questions can be found on this site.