7. Access to deck

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The pilot ladder can be rigged overboard using the following methods: (Multiple answers possible)
The following items should be present all the time at the pilot access point: (Multiple answers possible)
The bulwark ladder (when used) must be secured as follows:
The pilot should be directed to the bridge as follows:

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  1. Thank you Muhammet, please revert to: 7.1. The following associated equipment shall be kept at hand ready for immediate use when persons are being transferred:
    two man-ropes of not less than 28 mm and not more than 32 mm in diameter properly secured to the ship if required by the pilot; man-ropes shall be fixed at the rope end to the ring plate fixed on deck and shall be ready for use when the pilot disembarks, or upon request from a pilot approaching to board (the manropes shall reach the height of the stanchions or bulwarks at the point of access to the deck before terminating at the ring plate on deck);

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