Scheldt Pilots issue PTA advice to all visiting ships

Herman Broers

The pilots on the Scheldt river, serving Antwerp, Gent and the Dutch ports of Flushing and Terneuzen, have issued a joint statement in which all visiting ships are strongly adviced to comply with Pilot Transfer Arrangements (PTA’s) regulations and guidelines. The notice shows good and bad practice examples on the […]

Pilot Ladder checklist, why not?

Herman Broers

When looking into the main non-compliances regarding pilot transfer arrangements, it can be noted that most of them can easily be fixed onboard. A lot of them can be attributed to lack of training, lack of awareness and lack of time. The easiest way to prevent non-compliance’s from happening in […]

Chirp Annual Digest 2020

Herman Broers

In the latest issue of CHIRP Annual Digest, a full chapter on pilot boarding and pilotage has been included. A six page article by Arie Palmers, maritime pilot in het scheldt estuary, named 1000 ways to secure a pilot ladder, and only one way is correct is included. An excellent […]

North P and I club issues guidance on Pilot Ladder Safety

Herman Broers

Pilots Take Action Against Non-Compliant Boarding Arrangements 26/03/2021 INDUSTRY NEWS Local pilot associations are taking action in protest of boarding arrangements that are considered non-compliant. Accidents involving poorly maintained pilot ladders are well reported and remain a concern for the industry as a whole. If a pilot is presented with unsafe […]

Handholds or Stanchions?

Getting on and off a pilot ladder safely requires the right setup of handholds or handhold-stanchions. The regulations and guidelines regarding these items are very clear about which type of handholds should be used. Also, the technical particulars are well defined in IMO Guidelines 1045(27). In practice however, a lot […]

SNAKES OR LADDERS : A mixed methodology review into the boarding and landing of maritime pilots

Herman Broers

In this recent study, Ewan Rattray MSc MM, conducted research aimed at investigating the factors affecting compliance of pilot transfer arrangements (PTA’s).  The researcher identifies the nature of the regulations, PTA regulation enforcement, training, statistics, safety culture and vessel design as possible factors. Pilots feel helpless in the battle against […]

Arie Palmers: Dangerous Ladders

Herman Broers

Source : maritime Arie Palmers: “Save one guy, you start to save the world.” If you’re intent on getting a message out about dangerous, potentially fatal mistakes to the man in the street, “you need to use street language – not three pages of technical text”, Dutch pilot Arie […]

Dardanelles pilot accident

Herman Broers

Eray Demirkol, one of the Dardanelles Pilots, fell from the pilot ladder into the sea on his way aboard the ship Lord Nelson. Captain Eray Demirkol was reportedly taken to hospital as a precautionary measure. The accident occurred in front of Gallipoli at 19:00 Turkish time. The ship was headed […]