Impa Safety Campaign Analysis 2018-2022

Herman Broers

Every year, the International Maritime Pilots’ Association publishes the results of its annual IMPA SAFETY CAMPAIGN.  The following analysis has been made using data from the IMPA Safety Campaign on pilot ladders from 2018 until 2022. The data has been retrieved from the IMPA site and from data of previous […]

1000 Stanchions around

Herman Broers

Scheldt pilot Arie Palmers writes: “I have just finished another articl on pilot transfer safety… stanchions.. an other overlooked part of a pilot transfer arrangement. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. feel free to comment or share, sharing is caring! stay safe everyone!”

USCG issue Safety Alert on handhold arrangements

Herman Broers

This Safety Alert addresses the importance of verifying the correct arrangement of handholds in embarkation gate arrangements aboard merchant vessels. The Coast Guard is currently investigating a casualty involving a fall from a pilot ladder where the handholds in the gate arrangement aboard the vessel terminated without being rigidly secured […]