Use this checklist every time the pilot ladder is rigged

The Pilotladder

  • Is the pilot ladder in good shape?
    • Check for wear and tear
    • Check for broken steps or spreaders
  • Are all steps and ropes clean?
  • Is all extra equipment present and ready for use?
    • Lifebuoy and light
    • Manropes if required
    • Heaving line
    • Lifejacket
    • Officer with communication to bridge.
  • Is the pilot ladder rigged to the correct height?
  • Has the retrieval wire been rigged correctly? (above the spreader, leading forward)
  • Has the pilot ladder been secured to the deck in a correct way?
  • Haven stanchions and bulwark ladder been fitted and secured to the deck?
  • Is there adequate lighting at the point of embarkation / disembarkation?

The Combination Ladder

  • Is the accommodation ladder in good shape?
  • Check for wear and tear
  • Check if it is clean and the siderails free of grease
  • Is the retrieval line rigged correctly?
  • Is the accommodation ladder secured to the ships side, independent of the ladder?
  • Is there at least 5 meters of space under the platform?
  • Are the hand railings / hand ropes rigged correctly, both inboard and outboard?
  • Does the pilot ladder extend 2 meters above the platform?
  • Have both pilot ladder ropes been secured to the ship, at 1.5 meters above the platform?

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