USCG issue Safety Alert on handhold arrangements

Herman Broers

This Safety Alert addresses the importance of verifying the correct arrangement of handholds in embarkation gate arrangements aboard merchant vessels. The Coast Guard is currently investigating a casualty involving a fall from a pilot ladder where the handholds in the gate arrangement aboard the vessel terminated without being rigidly secured to the v essel’s structure. This termination left a gap in the handholds at the transition point at the head of the pilot ladder, where an embarking person might reach to pull themselves onto the vessel.

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Netherlands Navy to build ladders as per SOLAS / ISO standards

The Royal Netherlands Navy has announced that it will start to build and test pilot ladders in accordance with SOLAS chV reg 23 and ISO799-1:2019. This is a huge step forward in respect to Maritime Pilots safety and hopefully this example will be followed by navies around the world. Update […]