Backpack or not? It’s all about the lifejacket.

Herman Broers

When publishing articles or pictures about pilots and their pilotladders, very often we see the use of backpacks. The use of backpacks is controversial, since its weight, or buoyancy, can influence the functioning of the lifejacket used.

Secumar 275 X 3D Lifejacket ( Source:

With a lot being said about the issue, the only way to find out if my backpack is hampering my lifejacket in any way is a live test. So today was the day. With my own lifjacket, with my own backpack.

In this short video, the lifejacket of The dutch pilots is put to the test in combination with a backpack. The so called 3D lifejacket ( SECUMAR ALPHA 275 X PILOT ) has specifically been designed with a so-called 3D air chamber to compensate the weight of any bag used.

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