Lloyd’s Register PTA instruction video

Lloyds Register has produced a clear instruction video on the safe setup of pilot ladders. This short animated movie serves as a quick reference for surveyors, pilots and schip’s crews to ensure the pilot ladder they are about to use is safe.

Published with permission of Lloyd’s Register

The high quality video shows the basic checks every mariner can carry out before using the pilot ladder. LR should be commended for their efforts to increase the safety awareness regarding pilot ladders.

46 thoughts on “Lloyd’s Register PTA instruction video

      1. Well Explained. Really helpful to inhance there knowlage for the crew those is involved in pilotage operations.

    1. This video is very easy to understand and it is very useful to our field on how to avoid accident or the risk of accident

  1. It’s a very big help to improve and maintain safety onboard and avoid risk of life .very excellent!

  2. Really, thankful video, please provide more safety video to ensure that the enployees are well allerted.

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