2. Securing The Pilot Ladder

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There are clear guidelines in SOLAS and IMO 1045(27) on how to secure a pilot ladder at intermediate length
The steps and spreaders are as strong as the sideropes an can be used to carry the weight of the ladder
The deck edge should be ...
Identify the methods of intermediate securing which are NOT recommended by pilots (multiple answers possible)

3 thoughts on “2. Securing The Pilot Ladder

  1. Use of shackles is something which should be discussed more. In my district many pilots prefer these to poorly rigged knots

  2. D-shackles transfer the load to the securing arrangement of the step. the step and its securing arrangment is not designed to take such load. it is therefore fundamentally wrong. the weight of the ladder and the weight of the Pilot should be supported by the side ropes. many Pilots are wrong.

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