One year on, Pilot Ladder Safety Booklet July 2021 edition is now online

After one year online, the website has attracted nearly 200.000 page visits. In this time, a lot of interaction has been achieved with ship crews, shipowners, P and I clubs, classification societies and manufacturers of pilot ladders.

The PDF hardcopy of the website reflects what has been achieved by many contributors involved so far. It is a free-of-charge manual which can be used for training purposes. The latest edition includes a quiz / questionnaire with every chapter for the reader to test his/her knowledge about the subject at hand. The latest copy of this website can be downloaded here.

5 thoughts on “One year on, Pilot Ladder Safety Booklet July 2021 edition is now online

  1. No matter the ladder, a rope should always be tied at the bottom step so the crew of the vessel heave up the ladder when the pilot boat approaches the vessel.

  2. Pls advise . Should the steps of a pilot ladder reach all the way up to the main deck? Even if you only need the first 9 mtrs or six mtrs in the case of combination ladders?
    Cannot seem to find a definitive ruling.

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