Call for action : Online survey: Securing methods of pilot ladders at intermediate length: an inventory

Herman Broers

As you are probably aware, there is no legislation about the way a pilot ladder should be secured on deck at intermediate length. As a result, we as pilots see many different ways of securing in use every day. Some ways are considered safe, some unsafe.

Recently Capt. Troy Evans did a research into the breaking strength of various securing methods. To quantify the problem of the different (un)safe practices, now is time to have a survey into the number of the various securing methods used worldwide. How often are they used, where, and on what type of ships?

I call on you to participate and report every pilot ladder that is secured on deck in your next working week, using the online survey form in Google or SurveyMonkey that is attached to this survey. It is an anonymous survey that runs from December 5th, 2020 until January 3rd, 2021. The results will be published online in the beginning of 2021.

We need as many responses as possible. Spread the word amongst fellow maritime pilots, let’s make it safer together.

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Stay safe and healthy, very best regards,
Herman Broers
Maritime Pilot, Port of Rotterdam


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